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Inflatable Cable Duct Sealing

Sealrad Duct Seal - Inflatable Cable Duct Sealing System

The Inflatable Duct Sealing System from Sealrad is a tool free, easy to use and install, self inflating sealing system for cable ducts making them water tight and air tight.

The flexible metallic laminate self inflating bag is designed to seal cable ducts. This product is completely tool free and easy to install, all you do is wrap the bag around the cable or cables, then a natural reaction activated by the user, produces a gas that inflates the bag and seals the duct.

The inner pressure gradually increases, leaving you all time necessary for positioning the Duct Seal inside the duct before the sealing is completed. Duct Seal is suitable for PVC, PE or lead sheathed cables and plastic, metallic or concrete ducts.

The gas inflating the bag is environmentally friendly making the removal operation extremely simple. The Duct Seal can be deflated by piercing then removed with a pair of pliers.

Benefits and Features of Sealrad Duct Seal

The product is self inflating, requiring no tools, has no off cuts or left over product, making it easy to use in confined spaces. Duct Seal is very versatile in use and quick to use making a perfect seal everytime.

  • Self Inflating
  • Requires no tools for installation (Compressors or Compressed air canister)
  • No pressure measurement /manometers required.
  • No off cuts or left over product.
  • No special storage or transportation requirements
  • Proper functioning is independent from the installation conditions and operator skills.
  • Complies to the BT specification LN584 requirements.